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Cone Beam CT Scanner Technology

Sinus and Nasal ENT In-office CT Scanner
Sinus and Nasal ENT In-office CT Scanner

The 3D Accuitomo 170 ENT is Morita’s most advanced cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scanner. This device delivers an unparalleled level of high-definition image clarity, which is crucial for comprehensive medical evaluations.


This scanner’s ability to produce high resolution, contrast rich imagery is unmatched. It takes only a single rotation around the head of the patient for the scanner to create such a detailed image. This is especially helpful for examining the patient’s head and neck region, including the temporal bone and sinuses.


The Morita CT scanner minimizes radiation without compromising image quality. Patients stand comfortably in an open and upright position while the scanner rotates around your head.  The images that are produced are extremely clear and precise, making diagnosis of your unique symptoms possible.


Our facility is also proud to be RadSite accredited, ensuring the safety and quality of our CT technology through nationally recognized standards.  SCENT Houston is excited to be one of the only practices in this area to invest in this new technology.

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