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Back to School Healthy Noses

It's back to school for many kids, which means it's back to school for germs too. For kids with allergies, this is especially challenging. Below are some tips for ways to stay healthy.


#1 Wash your hands Seems simple, but for busy little ones, this can be challenging. Sing a song for at least 20 seconds while scrubbing ("Happy birthday" three times).

Or you can use hand sanitizer. Put one on your kid's backpack like these ones.


#2 Sneeze into your elbow Teach your kiddos to sneeze into their elbow, not their hands. That way, they are less likely to spread germs from dirty, snotty hands.


#3 Rinse your nose Nasal saline rinses are a safe, natural way to clear away allergens, snot, and bacteria from your nose. There are many brands and methods, but they all work the same. For those with allergies, this is a great way to clear allergens from your nose. Here's a link to purchase online


#4 Eat the Rainbow Healthy eating and vitamins can provide you with the nutrition your body needs to fight and prevent infection.

If your kids are picky. Try a gummy vitamin or a book like this for some helpful tips.


#5 Get tested! If allergies are causing your kid to sneeze and cough, it may be time to get tested. Knowledge is power! If you know when your season is, you know when to take preventive medicines, like antihistamines or nasal steroids. Give us a call for help!

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