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Stuffy nose? Read here what could be causing your troubles.

Updated: Apr 23

By: Dr. Madeleine Samuelson Herman, MD, MPH

Trouble breathing through your nose? A stuffy snout? A stopped up sniffer? Read our blog, talk to your doctor, Breath Better NOW!

Stuffy, Runny Nose, Sinus Symptoms

Poor nasal breathing can cause snoring, poor sleep, sinus symptoms and mouth breathing, which can lead to a dry throat and throat clearing. There are multiple points along your nasal passage that could be the culprit.

Stuffy, Runny Nose, Sinus Symptoms

Your nasal valve, or just inside of your nostrils, is one of the narrowest points in your nose. If this is where you’re stuffy, over the counter remedies, like BreathRite strips or Nose Cones may provide temporary relief. Longer-term options include an in-office procedure, called Vivaer, or a surgical procedure, such as a rhinoplasty or nasal valve reconstruction.

Stuffy, Runny Nose, Sinus Symptoms, Deviated Septum

Your septum, or the midline wall separating the two sides of your nose, may be at fault. A septoplasty is a surgical procedure that straightens the septum and improves your nasal breathing.

Stuffy, Runny Nose, Sinus Symptoms, Nasal congestion

The nasal turbinates are long pillowy structures in your nose that swell with allergies or infection. Nasal steroid sprays can temporarily reduce the size of these and improve nasal breathing. For a long-term solution, turbinate reduction is an in-office or surgical procedure that improves nasal breathing.

If you have sinus and nasal symptoms, you may need to consult your ENT.

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